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> On Tuesday 29 October 2002 01:50 am, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > I want to use Gimp for work on photo files(.tiff) and I have a
> > question what about CMYK mode in Gimp ? How  can I make me sure
> > that my photo will be good when it will be printed in magazine ? I
> > want to give my work to a profesional print office and they say :
> > You must work in CMYK mode( like in Photoshop) or have a CMYK
> > preview. How can it be done in Gimp ? Please, help me
> > APU
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> You can't, and this is the major shortcoming of Gimp. It is possible
> to convert to CMYK at the end of the process, but given the
> difference in gamut between the RGB and CMYK versions of the same
> image the quality of the result can be best described as uncertain.
> In an earlier post I discussed the program pnmtotiffcmyk which will
> indeed create a cmyk version of the file. However the colors do
> shift. This is especially problematic in photos of people involving
> flesh tones.
> The Gimp manual addresses this issue in chapter 13.
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We might also mention that this the fault of Adobe and not the Gimp 
programmers.  I believe Adobe owns the right to this process and has 
been very reluctant to release any rights to it.  I think the Gimp 
programmers or others have tried and continue to work on ways around 
this limitation as John pointed out here.  Although Gimp doesn't 
provide the simplest process of doing CMYK, it can do it in most 
respects.  Like the old saying though, you kinda have to go around the 
elbow to get to the hand.  :o)

Hopefully a solution to the CMYK seperation problem will be forthcoming 
in a later version of Gimp, because that seems to be it's only weak 
point at the moment for most professional users.

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