First of let me say I think the GIMP is truly a great tool.  But it does
have some serious short comings for me.  The lack of color management and at
the least a cymy conversion utility really makes it hard for pre press work.

I have been reading the gimp devl news list and there are a few mentions of
these features and a feature request for future versions.  But I have not
been able to find much to verify that there is any work is being done in
this direction.  Is there any plans to include these features in 1.4.  Has
any one using 1.3 seen these feature included?  From what I gather the
intention is that cmyk support will be in version 2.0, but how long is that
going to take?  In particular a color management feature would be great.
The use of icm profiles is becoming more and more common everyday, and I
feel that for a lot of people this is holding them back from dropping Photo
Shop in favor of the GIMP.  I did see a plug-in the other day for color
management but it seemed to be in an early stage of development with no work
being done on it for about two years.  I tried to compile it under Debian
but could not make it work.  I am no programmer but I would be willing to
help in this matter anyway that I can.

Just my .02$
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> Let me add that the gimp is an extremely useful tool for a lot more than
> just artwork.  I am using it for technical documents, aerial photos, and
> document archival applications...  It has a few weak points in those areas
> too, but I'm working on some of 'em...  :-)
> s/KAM
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> On Tuesday 29 October 2002 17:46, David Burren wrote:
> > On Tue, 29 Oct 2002 15:13:55 CDT, Patrick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
> > > Hopefully a solution to the CMYK seperation problem will be
> > > forthcoming in a later version of Gimp, because that seems to be
> > > it's only weak point at the moment for most professional users.
> >
> > Speak for yourself.  For me, Gimp's major shortcomings are lack of
> > proper colourspace management and inability to work on "16-bit" (per
> > R,G,B) images (sure you can read 16-bit TIFFs, but the extra data is
> > thrown away).
> >
> > As a working photographer, these things give me the most pain.  I'm
> > sure there are other features (or lack thereof) which give other
> > people pain apart from the lack of good CMYK support.
> >
> > Not to say that CMYK doesn't deserve attention, just to note that
> > it's not the Gimp's only weak point.
> > __
> > David Burren
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> Thanks David,
> I was pretty sure it had some other weak points too, but I am not
> familar with all of them yet.  It seemed like CMYK was one that was
> complained about a lot, so I gathered it was one of the biggies
> everyone would like to have fixed.  Gimp is always a work in progress
> and with the ability to program scripts and the work of the programmers
> it continues to grow and get better.  Usually too there are workarounds
> for most all of it's shortcomings.  For the cost, it is an excellent
> choice for doing any type of artwork, don't you think?  ;o)
> Patrick
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