I am curious about your file sizes though: 400 KB doesn't sound all that big; 
actually, that sounds pretty small. Also, I'm not very technical so bear with 
me, but isn't 5 times 400 KB about 2.0 MB? What am I missing here?

On Wednesday 08 January 2003 23:31, Kevin Myers wrote:
> Under Windows I am running into a problem where the GIMP's pixel buffer
> seems to hit a 2GB file size limit when my gray scale TIFF image files
> excede roughly 400KB in size.  I'm guessing the buffer requires 5 bytes per
> pixel (RGB, transparency, ?), even though all of that isn't really needed
> for my images.
> I need to work with these images absolutely ASAP.  Because all of the
> machines involved are running Windoze, I was hoping to stick with that.
> However, it's starting to look like that is a hopeless cause given my poor
> porting skills and the apparant lack of interest of most gimp developers in
> addressing this problem under Windoze (at least in the near term).
> So, I'm starting to consider using Linux instead, and have two related
> questions:
> 1. Can anyone out there positively confirm that running the GIMP under a
> fairly recent version of Linux would avoid any inherent 2GB pixel buffer
> size limit?  I can provide some images for testing if anyone would like to
> volunteer...
> 2. Would anyone out there care to suggest a readily available commercial
> Linux distribution that is extremely easy to install, learn, and use for
> unsophisticated users with primarily Windblows experience?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> s/KAM
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