Hi Sven,

Thanks for your reply.  My tile cache size is set to 1GB (I have 1.5GB of
RAM), which should theoretically help based on your comments.  Also, upon
further testing I have found that the problem I am encountering seems to be
related to the physical dimensions of the image, rather than the file size
or pixel count.  For example, the GIMP is failing when the height of the
image exceeds about 187.5 feet, regardless of whether using 72 dpi or 200

I would be very willing to try the 1.3x source track.  Unfortunately, I am
limited to running under Windows at the moment, and my understanding is that
1.3x has not yet been ported to Windows, and that porting would be far too
difficult for my amateur level porting skills.

Thanks again for your comments.


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> Hi,
> "Kevin Myers" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Under Windows I am running into a problem where the GIMP's pixel
> > buffer seems to hit a 2GB file size limit when my gray scale TIFF
> > image files excede roughly 400KB in size.  I'm guessing the buffer
> > requires 5 bytes per pixel (RGB, transparency, ?), even though all
> > of that isn't really needed for my images.
> did you increase the tile cache size? Otherwise you are not using much
> of your RAM and almost all the tile data ends up in the swap file
> which is indeed limited to 2GB (see below).
> > 1. Can anyone out there positively confirm that running the GIMP
> > under a fairly recent version of Linux would avoid any inherent 2GB
> > pixel buffer size limit?  I can provide some images for testing if
> > anyone would like to volunteer...
> I can definitely tell you that GIMP-1.2 as well as GIMP-1.3 up to
> version 1.3.11 have the same problem on whatever platform you use
> them. See http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=74478
> I have finally fixed this in CVS last weekend and successfully tested
> with the swap files growing to almost 5 GB. The fix will in the 1.3.12
> release. If you need it now, you will have to use GIMP from CVS. You
> should however note that this is an unstable development tree and
> there certainly are bugs in GIMP-1.3.
> Salut, Sven

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