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2. Would anyone out there care to suggest a readily available commercial
Linux distribution that is extremely easy to install, learn, and use for
unsophisticated users with primarily Windblows experience?

mandrake, is a bit bloated but easy, self installs pretty much like windows, so it only take about an hour or so to get up and running. you do need to know exactly what type of monitor you have for setting up though and hopefully you don't have a hsp modem :)
This is getting a bit off topic, but as long as we're talking distros...

SuSE, Mandrake and Red Hat permit a pretty much unattended install. Each will permit you to select a standard install and move forward. You will still have to answer questions regarding your hardware, such as monitor, mouse and possibly video card, but my latest efforts with both Red Hat and Mandrake, have found that both identified these devices properly and all I had to do was confirm.

I've got Mandrake 9.0 installed on 4 machines, and all I needed to know about the monitor was the make and model, which is no more then required for a windows install. Each monitor was automatically detected properly, so all I had to do was verify that was correct and in all cases it was. These monitors range from a 20" Viewsonic to couple of relatively old 14" (Dell, Panasonic, Packard Bell).

As far as bloated, Mandrake will permit you to choose what you install from various levels:

workstation vs. server
specific type of workstation (development env., internet client..)
install by individual packages.

Our local LUG had a demonstration of SuSE 8.0 install and it went flawless, on a machine for someone who had never used Linux. He was watching DVD movies by the end of the presentation.

I would say you are safe going with Red Hat, Mandrake or SuSE. Of late I've been running Mandrake, although I have two machines on Red Hat and one on SuSE. I also just purchased SuSE 8.1 and plan to check it out.

Finally, both my 11 year daughter and my mother-in-law are using Linux for their primary computing solution. My daughter installed her own Red Hat, but I was tier I support during this process. :)

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