Hi Olivier,

Thanks for the suggestion.  I took a quick look, and xfig seems pretty
decent in many ways.  However, it looks like it may have a couple of
printing limitations that might not meet my needs:

1. I don't see any option for easily printing only a selected portion of a
2. Printing appears to be limited to a maximum of E size pages for output.
3. I couldn't quickly locate a version that runs under Windows.

I'm sure that you can probably crop a drawing to create a new one, and it
appears that xfig can probably tile to multiple E size pages if necessary.
But either of those options would be very awkward for my typical usage.  Do
you happen to know if xfig can handle these needs more gracefully in ways
that weren't apparant through my quick glance at the docs?

Thanks again,
Kevin M.

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> My own favorite vector drawing program is Xfig. See it at www.xfig.org.
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