Hi Fred,

I haven't tried any of those yet, though have received several other similar
suggestions.  My first question would be whether I can get a decent version
of any of them that will run under Windoze.  If so, then I'll take a closer
look.  Thanks.

Kevin M.

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On Friday 17 January 2003 04:59, Kevin Myers wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Listen, I hate to follow up my own post, but I need to save some of you
> some time...
> A number of you are trying to help me out with some suggestions with
> to my prior request, and I do really appreciate that.  However, most of
> suggestions that I am receiving so far are for programs such as Photoshop
> and the GIMP that do NOT do vector/object oriented graphcis at all.  Such
> programs are purely bitmapped image editors, and even though they may have
> some very nice drawing, editing, and other image manipulation
> they won't meet the needs that I am looking for here.  In addition,
> Photoshop has a maximum limit of 32K pixels in either the horizontal or
> vertical dimension of an image, which I would prefer to avoid.  The GIMP
> doesn't have a similar pixel count limitation (fortunately!!!), but again
> it is only a bitmapped image editor, not a vector graphics program (unless
> I am seriously missing something).
> I know that I posted these questions to a couple of lists that primarily
> deal with bitmapped graphics, but I was hoping that some of you out there
> might also have some experience with vector and hybrid applications as
> well. Basically, if you don't know what I'm talking about here, then it
> probably isn't worth your time to reply.  But I appreciate all of the good
> intentions anyway!
> Regards,
> s/KAM

Hey Kevin,

This seems too obvious but I have to ask anyway: have you checked out the
vector programs like "Kontour" (part of the KDE thing), "Sketch", and the
vector drawing utility that comes with Staroffice or Openoffice? I haven't
checked for the limits that concern you but I do use these for vector based
stuff and they work pretty well. I don't use any Microsoft stuff and haven't
in quite awhile now, so I don't know if there are Windows versions of
"Kontour" or "Sketch", but there are for Staroffice and Openoffice.


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