A number of you are trying to help me out with some suggestions with
regard to my prior request, and I do really appreciate that.  However,
most of the suggestions that I am receiving so far are for programs such
as Photoshop and the GIMP that do NOT do vector/object oriented graphcis
at all.  Such programs are purely bitmapped image editors, and even
though they may have some very nice drawing, editing, and other image
manipulation capabilities, they won't meet the needs that I am looking
for here.  In addition, Photoshop has a maximum limit of 32K pixels in
either the horizontal or vertical dimension of an image, which I would
prefer to avoid.  The GIMP doesn't have a similar pixel count limitation
(fortunately!!!), but again it is only a bitmapped image editor, not a
vector graphics program (unless I am seriously missing something).

I know that I posted these questions to a couple of lists that primarily
deal with bitmapped graphics, but I was hoping that some of you out there
might also have some experience with vector and hybrid applications as
well. Basically, if you don't know what I'm talking about here, then it
probably isn't worth your time to reply.  But I appreciate all of the
good intentions anyway!
Take a look at "dia". It handles vector graphics and exports
to a variety of transportable formats (including CGM). It also
has a resoanble library of built-in drawing objects.

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