On Monday 21 July 2003 00:45, Joao S. O. Bueno wrote:
> I am working on a python-fu script to add crop and register
> printing marks to the GIMP images.
> Not pratical - it have to be run manually before printing, and the
> marks have to be cropped out if one is going to scale the image
> further afterwards (last the cropmarks get out of proportion).
> There are some finishing touches I'd like to insert before puutting
> a definitive version online somewere.
> However, I remeber I had read someone aking for such a plugina 
> while ago - I do not remember if here or on Usenet. I f one is in
> NEED for that, the script is already usable, and I'd invite the
> itnerested parties to contact me in order for they to test the
> marks I am adding - and startin using it themselves.
> Needs gimp python, and is working in gimp 1.2.x  .
>       JS
>       -><-
If you have crop marks in the rest of the book then the Gimp image can 
be inserted on a blank page and let the typesetting software do the 
crop marks.  That is how I would do it.  It's simple and foolproof.

The printers I work with generally don't require crop marks anyhow.
John Culleton
Able Typesetters and Indexers
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