On Tuesday 22 July 2003 1:17 pm, John Culleton wrote:

> If you have crop marks in the rest of the book then the Gimp image
> can be inserted on a blank page and let the typesetting software do
> the crop marks.  That is how I would do it.  It's simple and
> foolproof.
> The printers I work with generally don't require crop marks anyhow.
I am well aware of that. But, for instance, were I do work, when all 
we need is one color, we go through no third party printer, and make 
our own stuff. With this script, I will not need to run the image on, 
for instance, corel draw.

And eventually, one day, the Gimp shall become a software used by the 
printers themselves. When this day comes, the crop, register, 
density, and other marks have to be in place.


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