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Jakub Steiner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Fri, 2003-07-25 at 23:39, Raymond Ostertag wrote:
> > restored for the next session. ( And I don't think that many users really use 
> > mnemonics,
> > The main use of mnemonics is probably when you use the tablet instead of the mouse 
> > )
> Maybe that's because there were no mnemonics in GIMP till now. Note that
> you can use the mnemonics as shortcuts and you will not run out of key
> combinations. You can now do Shift+F10,I,M,I to index an image;
> Shift+F10,L,C,C to get to the curves dialog etc. You can even get rid of
> the rather obscure Shift+F10 combo by making the menubar visible on the
> image windwo and using Alt instead. 
> The clash with dynamic shortcut assignment lies in a situation where you
> press a mnemonic key, but a key shortcut gets assigned to the current
> menu item instead. 
That's I understood. I made this try in Gimp 1.3.17 :
1- ALT+F, N open the 'new' dialog
2- ALT+F+N reassign the shortcut ALT+N to the 'new' menu item
3- ALT+F, ALT+F or ALT+F+F beep, do nothing (new security in the last gimp if 
I am not wrong)

Situation 2 is still a problem... and I admit that for people who use mnemonics 
it's not funny because ALT+F+N is very close to ALT+F,N

An other case is Shift+F10,F,F reassign the shortcut F to the 'new' menu item
but in this case it's like selecting a wrong item with the mouse, we can't avoid 
a wrong use of the mouse or the keyboard. Here only disable dynamic shortcuts is
a (radical) solution.

> Yes it sucks, but I'd rather not have mnemonics not
> implemented because of dynamic shortcuts. I like both fuctions and I
> hate they clash. If someone has a better solution/implementation that
> would be sweet. 
Not possible to reassign any shortcut that begin with ALT ? Situation 2 will

>I'm greatful for the current solution, since it is still
>nicer to use dynamic shortcuts than some obscure complicated shortcut
>editor or messing this an rc file.

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