[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-08-08 at 0751.28 -0700):
> I'm looking for public-domain photography and drawings.  Not just
> royalty-free, because I'm wanting to include them in a collection
> (although it could be creative-commonsly licensed).  Does
> anyone know where such a repository might be?  Would anyone be interested
> in contributing if I were to start one?

Go to http://art.net/~jeremy/ and check the copyright note. You can
try http://www.xach.com/photos/gallery/2000-05-30-textures/ too or
http://home.globalcrossing.net/~jjens/Pics/index.html. There is also a
list in http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_domain_image_resources
but I have not verified any of them about the license.

I do not remember what is the status of the images used in Grokking
the Gimp, they were from USA governmental sites, dunno if they are OK
with derivative works if original authorship is declared or no
derivatives are disallowed or what. Verify yourself.

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