Maybe you could tell us an email address where we can send appropriate images off list.

{If you'd rather not broadcast that sort of thing online, does anyone have a spare subdomain with bandwidth & disk space to start a repository?}

I think most of us probably have some connection with kids (or adults) with communication difficulties and this could be a really good thing.

On Sat, 2003-08-09 at 14:09, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:
> Is it for autistic kids? Sounds like something they could really use.  I

And other similar problems.  My son has a bizarre genetic problem that
has so far prevented him from speaking.

> could perhaps just take pics w/ my camera of whatever, royalty-free, and
> you could use it for that purpose. (My son is autistic, and from the
> research I've done it sounds like something parents w/ kids who have a
> communication-challenged child would need/want in their home.)

Yep, this is the basic idea.  I don't know how well it will work, but it's
something my wife is wanting me to do, and Picture This! doesn't work on

> What do you need pics of in particular?

Everyday things.  A bed, a potty, a plate of food, a television, different
toys, balls, a stroller/wheelchair, books, games, etc.  Anything else you
want to take pictures of is good, too.  The system I have in mind will be
generic enough to use for making GIMP into an application like Print Shop
as well.  Basically, I'm going to have a set of templates, which will be
existing images with coordinates defined to put text or images.

The first release will be done in script-fu, so it's going to be pretty
ugly.  However, if I have time, I may make it a full-blown plugin, so it
has a nice UI.


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> On Fri, 2003-08-08 at 07:51, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:
> > I'm looking for public-domain photography and drawings.  Not just
> > royalty-free, because I'm wanting to include them in a collection
> > (although it could be creative-commonsly licensed).  Does anyone know
> > where such a repository might be?  Would anyone be interested in
> > contributing if I were to start one?
> As you can see from the immediate responses, there seem to be lots of us
> who would like to help.
> >
> > My main purpose is coming up with a set of GIMP-scripts to make
> > communication boards for children with speech problems, and I need a
> > large archive of pictures to be able to include.  However, I think
> > open-source images (not just royalty-free) are also very much needed
> > for a variety of reasons.
> Can you tell us more about the kinds of photos you'd like?  Things?
> Actions? And maybe some links to tell us more about communication
> boards?
> Thanx,
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