can we stop this thread?

there is a good chance that i am responsible for the bad blood between filmgimp and gimp. i was writing to Robin and i might have said something rude.

as far as how free software works, i remember when Sven started to take over. i read the developer mail and kept thinking "just where does this asshole get off" and other similar eh, impressions. when i actually took the time to see what he was talking about reflected in the software improvement, my impression turned more from "that asshole at least knows what he is doing". and the rudness became more entertaining and gimp so much better.

i have disagreed with him a few times, i have my theory that this disagreement was a set up however. there are good ways and bad ways to build free software. i think the gimp community takes only the best from both of those ways.

Sven Neumann is an asshole. and a creep. he might even have stinky armpits, i dunno. gimp is really shaping up nice though :)

so i am sorry for whatever i said in that long ago exchange that pissed you off. also, i am sorry you have such old widgets to work with.

my real reason to want gimp-gap to work is to force the software companies to upgrade their consumer level software. i really think that gimp-1.2 was responsible for photoshop so quickly putting two of their software packages together. with gimp-gap, we can run the same experiment with the film software.

did you see how much better all the software in the world got when gimp-1.2 came out? ohmigod! who has time to be an ass kisser.


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