On Wed, Sep 17, 2003 at 12:22:28AM -0700, Robin Rowe wrote:
> CinePaint won't go back to being Film Gimp and can't ever rejoin the GIMP
> project. That irreversible decision was made -- or not made according to
> Sven -- in 2000, long before I came on the scene. GIMP misplaced three
> man-years of Hollywood-funded open source work. That's an immense amount of
> time and money to lose, especially for an open source project. There can be
> no going back.

Please stop making stuff up and rewriting history to suit your own story.
You have no real idea what happened before you appeared. You have bits of
hearsay and you fill in the blanks yourself with "facts" that you pull out
of thin air.

Maybe if you spent more time coding and less time beating your own chest,
CinePaint wouldn't be perceived as the buggy, unstable piece of software
that it is. Maybe if you stopped letting your ego get in the way of things,
people wouldn't think you are hard to work with.

You refused to actually help further GEGL by choosing to promote CinePaint
instead. That's fine, it's your decision, but for someone who keeps on going
on about not having discussions in public you never actually explained that

Stop clouding this list with this drivel and go code instead. You have your
own project and your own mailing list to write useless crap on.

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