I know I should stop actually this thread but since Robin didn't get
the point again, I will comment to some of the more personal attacks
included in his former reply. Perhaps this can help to get rid of some

"Robin Rowe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Your name isn't listed as the project manager of GIMP. Not then. Not today.
> In fact, in checking "Authors" at http://www.gimp.org/the_gimp_about.html
> you aren't listed at all. Contacting you didn't occur to me because I had
> never heard of you.

I am not the project manager and I never claimed to be. There is no
such role as the project manager in The GIMP development. Like most
free software projects The GIMP is being developed by a bunch of
hackers and other contributors who together form some sort of
community. There is no leader elected and there's no spokesman
neither. If you want to get in contact with the GIMP developers, you
need to address them all and use the developers mailing list. There is
no point in talking to a single person and there is also no point in
taking a single person responsible.

I don't give shit about my name listed on the GIMP website. If you
want to know who is actively working on a free software project, you
don't look at it's web-site, you take a look at the source code and
the ChangeLog. You cannot apply the rules you learned from corporate
software development to free software projects; it won't work. If you
want to work with us, try to respect us and the way that things work

> My name, on the other hand, was everywhere. Although I didn't know
> of you, you should have known of me from the very start. I was
> prominently in the press and posting to GIMP lists regarding Film
> Gimp. You could have contacted me seeking my cooperation as soon as
> you learned of my involvement in Film Gimp, but instead you
> waited. Your approach has been to attack me from a public pulpit on
> the GIMP mailing lists. Your invective remarks are not addressed to
> me, but advise third persons against me.

Yes, I noticed the selfishness with that you spread your name all over
code that other people wrote. And I also noted that you are constantly
trying to blame the wrong people for things that went wrong in the
past. You even tried to change history (or the perception of it) by
claiming obviously wrong facts. This is the point when I had to speak
up and tell people how I remembered the story you just told them.

> For you to suggest today that the problem was me not communicating
> enough shows real cheek. The person out of the loop is you. You have
> admitted you have no clue what happened to Film Gimp in 2000 when it
> was killed or in 2002 when it was resurrected, but that doesn't stop
> you from publicizing a negative opinion of it and me.

Yes, I have a negative opinion on the code and there is nothing going
to stop me from stating this as my very own personal opinion. I have
no interest in telling anyone my opinion on you though.

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