David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Perhaps, a year ago, if someone had proposed re-merging the extra
> colordepth code from cinepaint into the gimp, with the idea that
> it would eventually be replaced by gegl post-2.2, it might have
> happened for 2.0. However, that didn't happen, and as we can see
> there has now been some personal animosity (if not offense) that
> has built up between the 2 projects (or at least, between key
> people on the two projects). 

I am not personally offended by Robin (and he claims not be offended
by me). If he could try to understand and accept how the GIMP project
works and if he could show some respect for the hacker culture, I am
certainly not going to deny to work with him. Perhaps on a more
technical level, it might even be a fruitful collaboration.

I don't believe however that a general code merge makes any
sense. This has technical and strategical reasons. David already
outlined the later quite well. If there is interest to discuss the
technical details, this should happen on the gimp-developer ML.

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