One of the things I plan to do in the GIMP is to change this "filter 
all layers" to do just that.

Unfortunnatelly, work reasons had made me postpone my gimp stuff. 

The idea is to use exactly this filter all layers framework, but 
instead of applying the filters varying over several layers, I 'do 
the following:
Have the user select a mapping (grayscale) drawable, like many of the 
mapping filters do. (in your example, it could be a gradient with 
black in the left to white in the right). Them, the plugin would make 
a selection by color for each gray level on the mapping drawable, and 
apply the filters using that selection on the drawable, varying 
parameters just like filter all layers do.

Since that is not done, and you want this for now, a python script fu 
can e hacked to do that (pixelize gradually from left to right, not 
the generic stuff I want). Is your gimp-python stuff working? If so, 
I can write this for you. (and use a newsprintifier version for 
myself :-) ) 

On Friday 14 November 2003 12:43 am, Eric Pierce wrote:
> Opps... got it this time.  I think I was selecting the same
> pixelize value both times.
> However, this still isn't what I was after.  I have just one layer
> and I want it to pixelate gradually (from right to left) more and
> more.
> thanks all the same, JB.
> eric pierce

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