Hi Joao,

> I think that bringing the xsane plugin up to date with gimp 2.0 would 
> be quite an interesting thing to be done in time for the next 
> releases of the big distros (witch at the moment seen to be Mandrake 
> and SuSE) .

I think I said that it would be trivial to port XSane to GIMP-2.0. In
the time it took you to write this mail, you could have done the port
instead. I've just spent a few minutes on it and have xsane working
with GIMP from CVS. Since I don't have a scanner here, I couldn't give
it much testing but I don't see why it should not work. The major
obstacle was that the xsane tarball seems to be missing some m4 macros
that are needed to recreate the configure script. Since XSane already
compiles against GTK+-2.0, I got away with changing two or three lines
of code, all other changes were done only to adapt the build
environment to use GIMP-2.0.

Since I don't want to step on the feet of the XSane maintainer I am
not going to post a diff here. If Oliver Rauch is interested in my
changes, I am hereby offering my help to port XSane to GIMP-2.0.

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