> > Now, I am completely happy with my system: am I forced to upgrade
> > distribution just to be able to use gimp 2.0? This would really upset
> > me. Note that the point is not that I am scared at upgrading the system: 
> > my first distro was RH 4.x and since I used at least one of any major
> > release. The point is simply that for some month I will have no spare
> > time for doing this... :-(((
> > 
> Did you try URPM ? in Contrib repository (not updated)
> I can see gimp 1.3.21, gimp-pyton 1.3.21, gimp2-freetype,
> gimp2-gap_20030730. I did'nt try myself because I prefer the compilation
> for Gimp2 but it's what Mandrake gives to their users. 

Well, in the contribs for 9.0 I can see only 1.3.8, but maybe the mirror I 
am using is not updated: which is your mirror?

Of course, if in the contribs they will provide a packaged version of 
gimp2, then urpmi would solve all problems (but for optimization, but 
of course I know that I can't get everything....!)
Maybe if I wait some weeks (after the release of the final 2.0), I will 
have some luck.

About the other point which is in discussion (introduction of a warning 
for updates), if my opinion can interest anybody I would say that I am 
against it. This for the simple reason that most of the time I use gimp at 
home, where I have simply a modem connection, which, of course, is most of 
the time of. But even at work I don't like "autoupdates". 
In case you will install such a check, I wish that there will be a startup 
screen which will let the user to disabilitate it.


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