> > Well, in the contribs for 9.0 I can see only 1.3.8, but maybe the mirror I 
> > am using is not updated: which is your mirror?
> > 
> Well it's 9.2/contrib for me then in your case you probably needs two
> repository : 9.2/sources to get the stuff from standard Mandrake 9.2 and
> 9.2/contrib tu get Gimp2.

You can't use contribs 9.2 on mdk 9.0... :-(( dependencies would not be 
fullfilled and urpmi will not help you.

> > Of course, if in the contribs they will provide a packaged version of 
> > gimp2, then urpmi would solve all problems (but for optimization, but 
> > of course I know that I can't get everything....!)
> > Maybe if I wait some weeks (after the release of the final 2.0), I
> > will 
> > have some luck.
> >
> If you install gimp-1.3.21 and gimp-1-3-21-devel from URPM repository the 
> dependancies problem will be probably solved and then you could download 
> and compil the last gimp-2.0 yourself without waiting a RPM in contrib.
> Even if you still need more recent libs you can get it from the 9.2/sources.

On the other hand, this could be practicable: I will try it, as soon as I 
will have some spare time (at least 9 weeks... :-((( 


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