Thomas Spuhler <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It compiled here using the configure, make, make install after
> installing some libraries.  Would be nice if I could make rpm's, but
> I guess the package is not set up that way.

The tarball comes with a working spec file. RPM packages for 2.0pre1
appeared within one day after the source was released.

> It looks really nice and has very nice new features. However, I
> cannot find CMYK mode. I read a review and it was told that this has
> now been implemented.

Well, quite a few people talked a lot of stupid things about CMYK
support in 2.0. The fact is that there are some small improvements
over GIMP-1.2 in this area but not what I would call full CMYK
support. Probably the most interesting thing in this area is the
soft-proof display filter that allows to get an estimate of how the
printed image would look. This is implemented using ICC color

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