V Po 22. 03. 2004 v 11:38 -0800 píše William Skaggs:

> >Uh? It works pretty well I'd say: 
> >http://jimmac.musichall.cz/stuff/linearblur.png
> To my eyes this image looks sharp in the lower 2/3, and uniformly blurred 
> in the upper 1/3.  What you _do_ get using this method is a nice smooth
> transition from blurred to unblurred, which may be all you need in many
> situations, especially if the blur is rather soft.  

Didn't occur to me prior this, but you are in fact right.

Another workaround of this limitation than the GAP method may be using a
huge soft parametric brush so that it's as high as the image height and
paint a few lines on the top egde (so a half of the brush covers the
image) using the blur tool. One needs to zoom out a bit to get a bit of
space on the image border.


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