Yes, these should work, although there are a couple of things worth pointing out.
First, the blur filters ignore the selection when computing their result, and only
apply it afterwards -- this makes your approach work, but means that it can take
a very long time if the slicing is fine.  Second,  if the filter does not ignore the
selection, your approach might not give the right results.

>From a mathematical point of view, a variable blur is a rather special thing, and
I think in the long run there is no substitute for just biting the bullet and doing
it correctly.  But your approach is definitely better than the others that have been

  --- Bill

>I had thought about this.
>What I found out is that tit will be easy to modify the "filter all 
>layers" GAP filter to to right that:
>Add a "select map image" widget, and a "value step" choice.
>On the map image, make a selection by value range. For each value 
>range apply the filter on the target image, with the obtained 
>I will try to work on that.
>Meanwhile, the scripts I posted on the other message can work for 
>applying a single filter with a linear variation across a image.
>       JS
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