On Saturday 20 March 2004 14:38, William Skaggs wrote:
> Actually the reality is that Gimp, with the standard plug-ins, does
> not have the ability to do this, although there are ways to fake
> something that looks sort of like it.  The easiest way to get it
> would be to modify the "blur" filter (found in randomize.c in the
> plug-ins directory) so that the probability values are derived from
> a map-image rather than constant.  This would really be a valuable
> thing to have.
> Best,
>   -- Bill

I had thought about this.
What I found out is that tit will be easy to modify the "filter all 
layers" GAP filter to to right that:
Add a "select map image" widget, and a "value step" choice.

On the map image, make a selection by value range. For each value 
range apply the filter on the target image, with the obtained 

I will try to work on that.

Meanwhile, the scripts I posted on the other message can work for 
applying a single filter with a linear variation across a image.


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