I find that my current monitor (Orion 17 inch OC-17DB0725) 
has adjustments for brightness and contrast but none for 
gamma.  The venerable Gimp User Manual (GUM) offers 
instructions for making at least a crude Gamma adjustment. 
But my monitor has no such adjustment.  and when I load the 
file recommended by the GUM I find that my monitor is at 
the high end of the scale for gamma. 

Is there a monitor at a reasonable cost, a few hundreds of 
dollars, that allows for adjustment of gamma? Bearing in 
mind the limitations of Gimp in the color management area, 
what is suggested? I just want to get things close enough 
that what I send to the printer will bear some relationship 
to what I see on the screen in Gimp, allowing for (of 
course) the conversion to CMYK at some point. 
John Culleton
Able Typesetters and Indexers
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