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The best is to adjust the gamma within the Xfree software. There is an application called kgamma and a plugin for gkrellm to do such an adjustement.

KGamma for some reason was not included on my LInux
Slackware 9.1 system so I downloaded the Kgraphics 3.2
package and am compiling it as I write this.

I had no luck with LProf and sent an inquiry to the authors.
Whenever I tried to load a file it just quit suddenly with
no error message.

Is Gamma adjustable on monitors less than $1,000 US?

In fact, you don't adjust the gamma of the monitor, you tune the window manager, the whole xfree or the application to match the gamma of your monitor. The gamma of the monitor is the transfer function of the electron beams of your monitor. It describes the non-linear relation between the pixel values and the monitor luminance.

Luminance = (pixelvalue/255)^^gamma

As an example, you will find attached what is such a transfer function for several value of gamma.

General, the commonly admited value of gamma for PC is 2.2, the value for a MAC is 1.8 and a liear transfer function will gives 1.

There is also an other setting you have to take care of: it is the colour temperature of your display. There is for most the display the choice of different colour temperature. The default value is 9500K which gives very cold colours (too much blue). This is perfect for office work. For digital photo processing a colour temperature of 6500K if available is more suitable.

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