2004-04-01, cs keltezéssel 16:19-kor Sven Neumann ezt írta:
> Hi,
> it would have probably been better to reply to the list...
Sorry but your reply-to field was wrong ...

> GIMP is not Photoshop and it doesn't attempt to be produce exactly the
> same result. GIMP's paintbrush does subpixel positioning. This causes
> some small changes to the brush depending on where you place it. This
> explains the difference you see.
If somebody want to reproduce exactly the form what he is looking?
So for example the ,,Pepper brush'' does not do some subpixeling.

And the same case for the ''Property of XCF'' and ''The GIMP'' brush. I
suppose it was the same before converted to .gbr

But if this is the only way to reproduce similar brush as in ps, I will
do so.


> Sven

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