Hi Khiraly,

Khiraly wrote:
2004-04-01, cs keltezéssel 16:19-kor Sven Neumann ezt írta:
it would have probably been better to reply to the list...
Sorry but your reply-to field was wrong ...

There are very mixed views on the usage of reply-to for mailing list mail. Many people consider setting a reply-to impolite, since this can result in personal mail being sent to a public list. On the other hand, sending list mail to an individual is an easily correctible mistake.

On the other hand, some list servers re-write headers of mail setting the reply-to to the mailing list address, which means that typically all mail sent to list mailers goes to the list, which is the other extreme.

So it is inaccurate to say that the reply-to field was set "wrong", just that it wasn't set.


Dave Neary

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