Khiraly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> > GIMP is not Photoshop and it doesn't attempt to be produce exactly the
> > same result. GIMP's paintbrush does subpixel positioning. This causes
> > some small changes to the brush depending on where you place it. This
> > explains the difference you see.
> If somebody want to reproduce exactly the form what he is looking?
> So for example the ,,Pepper brush'' does not do some subpixeling.

It does, have a closer look. The suppixel positioning is not a
property of the brush, it's a feature of the tools that use the
brush. The image as found in the brush file is processed using a
simple convolution kernel before it is applied to the canvas. The
kernel being used depends on the position of the paint tool relative
to the pixel grid.

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