On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 01:50:39PM +1000, David Burren <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > i am curious.  do you think that if the adobe geniuses could make their
> > software compile on linux, if it would slow it down.
> No.  In fact they've got it to compile on a Unix (ie. MacOS X) and

Slightly off-topic, because it relates to photoshop and MacOS X: MacOS
X is rather far away from unix (or even posix), and, while the X Window
System is not officially "unix", it's basically the GUI standard on unix.

So, as a matter of fact and a matter of expectancy, they didn't get it to
compile on a unix by porting it to macos x.

Still, darwin supports a large subset of posix and unix, but when
developing apps for it, you don't have to use it, and I suspect that adobe

> it runs great.  I don't believe it's inherent in the OS that the
> application is running on.  I do think that Photoshop currently
> does a better job at managing its memory resources, but that's at
> the appliction level.

That could well be true. Unfortunately, it has been difficult so far to
actually measure this. There are reports from people claiming photoshop
is much faster, and reports that photoshop is slower, or that it depends
on the case.

I experimented wiht photoshop about 2 years ago, and found it quite a
bit less responsive on large images than gimp on gnu/linux on the same

One possible reason for the perceived problems could be that gimp requires
more tile cache to work efficiently than photoshop (especially multiple
undo steps cost a lot of memory), and by default the tile cache size is

However, more exact and espeiclaly reproducible reports are needed to
find out wether this is the case, or under what circumstances gimp gets

> My observations about memory consumption behaviour between the Gimp
> and Photoshop have been coincidental to that.  It's not the reason
> I started using Photoshop, but it's a pleasant side-benefit.

These were certainly very interesting. Also, gimp should certainly not
grow unbounded. Maybe you are just hitting a bug somewhere?

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