> I presently run GIMP 1.2.4 on a 2.4 GHz P4 based system under Windows
> with 3GB of RAM installed (only 2GB of which can be used by the GIMP).  We
> usually work with 8 bit grayscale images, and as described above our
> image sizes are on the order of 200 megapixels.  As you mentioned, your
> image was only 98 megapixels.  On my system, I have no problems with menu
> delays at all (far less than one second response), and initial image
> speed is reasonable, typically on the order of 5 or ten seconds.

I should also mention that zooming in/out on our multi-hundred megapixel
images is very fast, almost instantaneous.  Some of the more complex full
image manipulations take a while, but that is to be expected, and the speeds
are still not unreasonable in most cases.


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