> How huge is huge, Kevin?
> Over the past two days, I have edited two TIFF images, 12500 x 7800
> pixels, greyscale, using Photoshop 8. It was business as usual (meaning,
> fast and stable as usual). Loading and saving took as long as I expected
> for a file of this size (95MB).
> Prompted by this thread, I tired one of these files in Gimp 2. What a
> looooong wait for even the simplest tasks, such as zooming in and out.
> I then tried my trusty old Gimp 1.2. It was somewhat better than 2, but
> very, very slow. Pulling menu's down took tens of seconds. No, using
> Gimp, on Win 2k, for a file this size, is just not practical. I expect
> it will go better on my Linux box at home, but even if it was two times
> faster, it would still be unpractical.
> Which is why I would like to know how huge huge is, on what hardware,
> running which OS, which version(s) of Gimp, and processing what tasks.

Hi Jaco,

As mentioned in my previous message, Photoshop's limit is 32K maximum pixels
in either dimension.  Your image did not exceed this limit in either
dimension.  We typically work with images that are up to several hundred
thousand pixels in one dimension, by 2 or 3 thousand pixels in the other
dimension.  Thus we almost always exceed the Photoshop limit.

I presently run GIMP 1.2.4 on a 2.4 GHz P4 based system under Windows 2000,
with 3GB of RAM installed (only 2GB of which can be used by the GIMP).  We
usually work with 8 bit grayscale images, and as described above our typical
image sizes are on the order of 200 megapixels.  As you mentioned, your
image was only 98 megapixels.  On my system, I have no problems with menu
delays at all (far less than one second response), and initial image loading
speed is reasonable, typically on the order of 5 or ten seconds.

Based on your description, I suspect that either Photoshop's memory usage
may be somewhat more efficient than the GIMP, or possibly your Tile Cache
Size is set too small.  Either of those issues could result in extensive
page thrashing of portions of the GIMP and your image to and from disk.  On
my system, the tile cache size is set to 1280MB.  How much physical RAM do
you have, and what is your Tile Cache Size set to?


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