>> Can anyone direct me to a place on the web where I can find 
>> 150PPI or 300PPI (prefer 300PPI) GIMP screen shots from all 
>> the major platforms... Mac, Linux and Windows? I am putting 
>> together some GIMP propaganda, and need some help. Ideally, I 
>> need a couple from each platform to satisfy my situation.
>Please keep us informed when your propaganda is finished, we're
>always interested :)
>For a 17" screen, 300dpi is about 4000x3000, isn't it? I don't
>know of any such screenshots myself. There certainly aren't any
>on www.gimp.org. If you find any, I'd be interested in seeing
>them too.
>       David Neary,
>       Lyon, France

The key is for the brochures to look good when printed out. I'me trying to locate an 
app on the Windows side that outputs screens in hi-res but I haven't had any luck.

Hey, what did you think of the MacGIMP ad in Mac Design Magazine?


Mitch Featherston
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