Have you tried just to capture regular screenshots at 1024x768 and then
resize them in GIMP with better interpolation to achieve required dpi?


Can anyone direct me to a place on the web where I can find 150PPI or 300PPI (prefer 300PPI) GIMP screen shots from all the major platforms... Mac, Linux and Windows? I am putting together some GIMP propaganda, and need some help. Ideally, I need a couple from each platform to satisfy my situation.

Please keep us informed when your propaganda is finished, we're always interested :)

For a 17" screen, 300dpi is about 4000x3000, isn't it? I don't
know of any such screenshots myself. There certainly aren't any
on www.gimp.org. If you find any, I'd be interested in seeing
them too.


     David Neary,
     Lyon, France

The key is for the brochures to look good when printed out. I'me trying to locate an app on the Windows side that outputs screens in hi-res but I haven't had any luck.

Hey, what did you think of the MacGIMP ad in Mac Design Magazine?


Mitch Featherston

With respect
Alexander Rabtchevich

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