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> Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 06:30:01 +0400 (MSD)
> From: iwantto keepanon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [Gimp-user] Selection woes...
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> I have been trying (w/ use of the help screens) to do what I
> /thought/ would be a simple operation.
> I have an image w/ some text in it.  I want to move *each* letter
> over by 2 pixels (to accomodate an outline).  So here is what I do:
> 1. Select all
> 2. move image (good)
> 3. C+select to remove the first letter
> 4. move image (good)
> 5. notice that gimp "shrink wrapped" the selection to just the letters
>    (leaving out the transparent areas)
> 6. C+select to unselect the second letter
> 7. notice that ALL the letters disappear (but have marching ants on them still)
> 8. notice that the letter I just (presumably) de-selected still has marching
>    ants shrink wrapped on it too
> 9. move the selection
> 10. notice that ALL the letters move, including the on I /tried/ to de-select
> Doh!  I could anchor the selection and reselect the remaining text.
> But I'd have to do that 30 -> 40 times (not!).  While extremely
> zoomed in (not!).  I do not understand how selection tools change
> from normal when a selection is active.  I also do not understand
> /why/ selection tools change from normal.
> I tried several of the select tool buttons (e.g. subtract from
> current selection), but to no avail.
> For those of you still reading <g>, here is the big picture.  I have
> some text and a background (American flags).  I captured both from
> my website.  I put both in layers.  I made the text be "difference"
> (as I recall) and the flags be "normal".  Bam, a good looking title
> with the font stroked in a flag motif.  The only problem is that the
> font has a lot of white pixels (you know, the stripes) on the edge
> of the letters and my website uses a white background (not good).
> So I tried to put some space in between the letters (hence my
> question) and manually outline the letters.
> If there is a quicker way (say instead of the text tool filling
> w/solid colors, but instead w/ a gif) then I'd appreciate the help.
> If not, then am I just a moron gimp user (probably yes).  But what
> is up w/ the selection tools when the selection is active???
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