> > I have an image w/ some text in it.  I want to move *each* letter
> > over by 2 pixels (to accomodate an outline).  So here is what I do:

Ok, seems like I confused some or all of you <sorry>.  Since
a picture is worth a thousand words, I have a page w/ what I
am trying to do and exactly where things go wrong.  Please
visit :


There is a step by step process and my questions ... which are:
   1. why can't I unselect the "R"?
   2. Or (restated) why does unselecting a small
      region make the whole region disappear?
   3. Is using a gif to fill the text tool alread built in?

(hopefully makes sense when you see the webpage).

My real title is longer than this and I'd prefer not to have to re-anchor the 
each time I need to insert 2px worth of space btwn letters.

Thanks to all who have already replied.

(BTW, Love! The Gimp)
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