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Michael Schumacher <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote the words:

> Linux GIMP wrote:
> > Talking about thumbnail viewers:  
> > 
> > First off,  I have also searched for a thumbnail viewer that will
> > show xcf files.  I have GThumb installed (Gentoo box) and it does
> > not show my xcf file thumbnails.  I have searched for any type of
> > settings/preferences dialogue but found nothing.
> Please note that there is no program other than GIMP that can create 
> thumbnails out of XCF files (unless it calls gIMP to load the file, of
> course).

I see.  I rather suspected this was true, but had no actually evidence
one way or the other.

> > I would also kill for a viewer which can read bzipped files.  I have
> > huge tiff files which I scan in then manipulate.  I keep in
> > originals int tif.bz2 format.  The "open file" dialogue box is the
> > only thingy I have found capable of generating & showing a thumbnail
> > of these files.
> If you saved the file with GIMP, there should be a thumbnail, too.
Ok, here is a question I have, where exactly would this thumbnail be
saved to?  Is there one directory for all or is it in a subdirectory of
the directory where the images are?  I was under the impression it was
the latter, but this does not seem to be true as there are no thumbnail
directories in my image directories. 

> > Any suggestions or hits with the stupid stick that you can send my
> > way?
> Are you using a 2.0 version of GIMP?

I have been using 2.0.2 / Gentoo.  I have just now (I mean just "now")
upgraded to 2.0.4 and I'm off to play with that.
> HTH,
> Michael
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