* Glenn Hancock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [08-23-04 09:42]:
> I have a photo's I took with my D70 Nikon that come in at 2000x3008
> and 300dpi.  When I open in photoshop I can see this information along
> with the camera settings when the picture was snapped.
> 1) Can Gimp provide the camera data that is stored in the jpeg?  

Yes, filters -> generic -> exif browser

> 2) Why does Gimp show the resolution as 72x72 when it was originally 300?

72x72 is the screen resolution your are viewing the image in, not the
image resolution.

> I am concerned that if I work with my photo's in gimp that I"m going
> to end up with a lower res jpeg which will mess everything up...

ONLY, if you specifically change it.  You are safe :^)
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