1) i went to a "developers conference".  my trip to this conference was
   funded by a foundation and therefore the donations of people who are
   interested in gimp and gimp tool kit development.

2) several people on the list of people who are responsible for these
   changes pointed me to luis.

3) when i spoke to luis he explained to me that the changes were made
   for his mother.  being a developer meeting and being the person i was
   instructed by to talk to, i have no other choice than to believe what
   he said.

4) after the conference, luis was unavailable.

5) if luis told the truth, it is time for Ximian to get their hands out
   of development of gtk.  if luis did not tell the truth, someone at
   Ximian owes me, the people who donated to gimp and the gnome
   foundation an apology.

6) when you ask someone who they are and they politely answer back, it
   is just plain good manners to respectfully do the same and politely
   explain who you are back.  you had your chance, you decided not to.

7) then miguel suggested that gimp fork the gimp tool kit.

either Ximian has a bad way with volunteers or with female volunteers in
particular.  no matter what, as far as i know from the what those people
on this list told me -- stupid changes has been made to the gimp toolkit
because luis mom is too stupid to use her computer.

please fix this. and suggest again to me what to name the gimp fork of
the gimp tool kit.

after that, explain the reason Ximian is unwilling to put their own name
on this software they "help" so much.

miguel, question.  do all the Ximian employees treat volunteers and
volunteer funding the way i was treated?  you are in charge of them?  if
not, who is?

what you will find there is a person wondering why this company changes
free software to suit a mother and not the needs of the community.  

a lot of people contributed to get me there.  Ximian has been fairly
disrespectful about this.  perhaps you can address that.

thanks for the time you suddenly have to deal with luis answer, and
thank you for pointing out that i have gone through the right channels
and now i am dealing with you.

have you sent an apology to tim ney yet?  or is your whole group still
standing behind luis reason for the changes?


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