Carol Spears ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 05, 2004 at 07:43:29PM +0200, Simon Budig wrote:
> > Hi Carol.
> > 
> > Carol Spears ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > > [...] i really am responsible to a
> > > whole bunch of people who contributed time and money to send me to a
> > > developer meeting in which i was told by luis, representing ximian, that
> > > the changes were made for his mom.  for shame.
> > 
> > I start to regret to have supported your attendance to Guadec.
> > 
> you were the decision maker i take it?

I was one of many people who wanted to meet you at Guadec. That doesn't
mean that I made the decision to fund you but I think it helped.

> did anyone ever tell you that changes were made to a community project
> to suit someones mothers needs?  if so, how did you handle it.  an
> example of how to deal with such a thing needs to be given i guess
> instead of idle reprimands.

Changes to a community project get made to suit quite a lot of people.
This includes mothers. Personally I have made changes to the GIMP to
suit some of my friends. So what?

> i have never asked for or needed your support simon.  thank you if i
> received some ever.
> i still thank you for your contributions but your opinion of my
> frustration is unasked for and out of place.

Want some proof that I did support you for a fairly long time? I could
dig in my mail archive should you need some.
I obviously do not think that my opinion is out of place - otherwise I
wouldn't have written this mail. Your way to deal with your frustration
at the expenses of a bunch of other people is - as I said -
counterproductive for the GIMP and that directly makes me involved.

> simon, did gimp donations pay for your attendance?

Yes, a part of my expenses got covered.

> > The fuzz you make about this obviously casual and illustrative remark by
> > Luis is annoying and does not at all help with the necessary
> > improvements to the file selector. In fact it even is counterproductive.
> > Very much so.
> i was not involved in a casual conversation.  i asked a direct question
> and i am more than capable of understanding a technical answer.  one was
> not provided.

You have yet to explain what is so bad to design a file selector so that
Luis' mother can use it. I think this is a great goal (although the GTK+
developers did overshot a bit, hampering the usability for
computer-savvy people). And since GUI design and usability is not a pure
"technical" topic the illustrative answer "it was designed so that my
mother can use" is a perfectly valid answer. There very well might be no
answer that suits your implied "technical" request.

> i am trying to get my trip to this conference to mean something or be
> compensated for.
> and i dont really care much beyond that.

So this is it? You feel awkward about having been funded to be able
to attend to Guadec? You feel that you have to do something to
justificate this? Guess what? You did this already although it
*pre*dates the Guadec.

> do you respect donations made to promote the development of gimp?

If respecting donations means "pissing off the people we (as in 'the
GIMP project') want to cooperate with in the future as well" then no.

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