Editing fonts doesn't belong to a designer.
I can't fix my 2000 fonts. Think, I get a work,
start on it, meanwhile appears a font problem.
There is no time and possibility to fix it.

Just a little hint:
there can be a text file, from gimp can 
get the pair corrections by pairs. When I run 
into a bad pair, I just take a new entry to it.
It is fast and simple, and at first it doesn't need 
any gui. (By default, there can be an empty file, 
so filling this table doesn't mean any work to a developer, 
it can be only a framework).
But you, developers can find another better
solution, surely.

Thanks, Aewyn

On Tuesday 07 September 2004 16:06, Sven Neumann wrote:
> Hi,
> Aewyn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > but not really. (kerning means the different
> > space needed between A - V, and V - V; it
> > depends on the used font, but fonts sometimes
> > (always) have erroneus kernings)
> GIMP uses the kerning tables that come with the
> fonts. If they are incorrect, I'd say the fonts
> need fixing then. There's a free font editor
> (http://fontforge.sourceforge.net/) that you
> can use.
> Sven
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