Subject: Re: [Gimp-user] [OT] Some other app (was: gimp in one window)
Date: sobota 18 wrzeÅnia 2004 03:05
From: Cezary Biele <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Dnia piÄtek 17 wrzeÅnia 2004 22:01, GSR - FR napisaÅ:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-09-17 at 2307.46 +0200):
> > information. my question is: is it possible to have gimp in one window?
> > like in other graphic programs - not to mention photoshop or photo-paint.
> > i found
> Now that you raise the issue, I wonder what is going in in the
> following image New method?
> Optional setting? It reminds me of the same app in MacOS (where I
> always found it as a bunch of windows), but it is the first time I see
> that in MSWindows version.

that look interesting, i haven't seen anything like that in windows. having
seen this, and having thought about this issuefor a while :-), i came to the
conclusion, that seperate windows are not a problem as far as: (let me
compare here gimp and inkscape)

- toolbar windows are always on top (inkscape yes , gimp no)
- toolbar windows are not present on the taskbar, only opened files (same as
- toolbar window "pass" keyboard shorcuts to the file being edited (same)

i'd like to say that i use kde, and maybe kwin is the cause of gimp weird
window management.

i use both inkscape and gimp on a daily basis and inkscape behaviour is in my
opinion more intuitive. i've been watching inkscape development and changes
in window behaviour were made pretty quickly (sodipodi from which inskape had
forked had the same behaviour as gimp). is there any chance to change window
behaviour in gimp?

btw. does anyone has any experience concerning window behaviour in for
 example Photoshop on Mac?

best regards

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