Michael Wagner wrote:
The button should have a total height of 16 pixels and so I start with an empty
image of that height. Every time I use the text tool the resulting text looks
really ugly.
I already have a running web page where the navigation bar is created of text
links (only using the <A> tag) and the fonts rendered there are looking much
better (using the same height of course)

How can I create good readable font buttons?

Hello Michael,

Do you mean that the font looks "jaggy", "pixelised", blocky, not smooth? Or do you find the text too blurred?
Do you mean the result is ugly in gimp, or nice in gimp and ugly in the browser?

There may be several reasons in this:

1- the font: choose a vectorial font, not a fixed/bitmap one

2- antialiasing: in the text tool options (double click on the text tool if you do not already have this dialog in your windows), check that the "antialiasing" option is selected. Play also with the "hinting" option.

3- the image format (in case the image is nice in gimp and looks like crap in the browser): if you create small images transparent with only text, and then put them on a pre-existing background, you will have problems. GIF does not support true transparency, and you will need to use PNG to keep the text smooth. However, you will have to change your HTML for IE Win32 does not display crappy text. See:
Another solution is to use the semi-flatten plugin (filters->colors->semi-flatten) after having set as background colour a colour which is a good average of your background image.

I hope one of these point can help you.

Best regards,


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