I don't mind building it myself, I just don't know what the process to
build is.  I downloaded it from http://registry.gimp.org/ - is there some
other place to get the binaries for plugins?

I am using Gimp 2.0.5


On Sat, November 13, 2004 1:01 am, Gezim Hoxha said:
>> When I look in the folders listed, there .exe files
>> there.  the plugin I
>> downloaded is a .c file - how do I get it from a .c
>> to a .exe?  I looked
>> through the .c file, and it made mention of
>> gimptool-2.0, so maybe I
>> should be asking where do I get it?
> That's strange...well a .c file is a C file, meaning
> it's the source code of some C program. C is a
> programming language. In order to get it from .c to
> ..exe  you need to compile it...if you have no idea
> what the heck I'm talking about just send the URL to
> the list and I or someone else will be happy to
> compile this file for you, and post the .exe file
> somewhere. And chances are you downloaded the wrong
> file of the plugin (i.e. the source). As far as
> "gimptool" I wouldn't know...but I guess (big guess)
> that it's just some part of gimp--maybe toolbar!
> p.s. do you have gimp 2.something ?
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