On Wed, Dec 22, 2004 at 06:30:05PM -0500, Peter Jay Salzman wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm on Debian woody (testing), using gimp 2.0.6 with the enlightenment window
> manager (no GNOME/KDE) and have a few problems.
first of all, testing is Debian sarge.  it is worth it to upgrade.

> 1. I can't take single window screenshots.  Everything looks the same as with
>    gimp 1.3.  I click on "Acquire | Screenshot" and make sure that "a Single
>    Window" is checked.
i guess this is some argument between gimp and enlightenment.  i also
guess that both of these are old as well.  there have been many
agreements about what desktop things get named and passed back and forth
since woody was testing.

>    What's going on?  I can't believe that single window screenshots work for
>    the rest of the world, but not for me....  :)
if you are alone it is because you are the only person at this moment
running gimp 2.0 on enlightenment on woody.  you might be alone there.
please do not take this as pressure to change what you are doing,

> 2. How do you move text?  Once I lay down text onto an image, I can't seem
>    to move it around in the image like I could with gimp1.2.  It's almost
>    like the text is not on the image, but I can see it on the image.
you move it with the move tool still.  the default action is to only
move it if you are touching non alpha pixels thought.  make sure the
correct layer is highlighted in the layers dialog and zoom in if
necessary to grap ahold of painted pixels.  or fiddle with some of the
things in Dialogs -->Tool Options.  you can move it, it just might not
be easy or done the same way. 

> 3. GNOME2 is ugly.  And it's significantly slower than GNOME1.2.  Is there
>    any way to get the GNOME1 interface back?
ask more questions like this and they will force you to shutup until you
read the HIG like they did me.

if you do not find this interface attractive or intuitive, tell it to
the HIG!

> The mathematics of physics has become ever more abstract, rather than more
> complicated.  The mind of God appears to be abstract but not complicated.
> He also appears to like group theory.  --  Tony Zee's "Fearful Symmetry"
the quickest (also the dirtiest) way to fix all this:

1) apt-get remove gimp
2) change your debian sources.  everywhere it says "woody" make it say
3) apt-get update
4) apt-get install gimp

then to undo it and keep everything on your computer the same continue
5) change the debian sources back so that it says woody
6) apt-get update

and some sort of ethical thing makes me need to note here that this is a
terrible way to run your computer!

happy gimping,

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