Antti Mäkelä wrote:

Where can I set the default quality when saving JPEG images? The default 85
is too low, I want to use 98. I could not find a suitable setting anywhere,
either in config files or in menus.  Where is it hidden?

  Right now I'm just using "Save as" as a workaround because then I actually
see the dialog asking for the Q setting, but this is not really all that

  (No lectures on the default 85 being "enough", thank you - it is not
enough, and I can clearly see artifacts on my edited digital photographs if
saved with 85.).


see discussion at
I guess it means you are out of luck.
Perhaps a short term solution would be for you to write a small script (python or script-fu) "save uncompressed jpeg" that does save with a compression of 98%, and then set a shortcut for this script.



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