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It's a problem, but not so much a bug as a limitation of the 'crawling ants' view that shows a selection. Pixels aren't just 'selected' or 'not selected' in that image, there are some pixels which are 10% selected, 20, 50, 80, 100% selected, and so on. The crawling ants outline view of a selection however, doesn't show anything more than a binary representation - presumably with a cutoff of 50%, meaning you only see the dotted outline around pixels that are more than 50% selected, and those under 50% show as unselected, which includes the areas that are showing up as problems in the shins for example.

I had no idea that GIMP could select a portion of a pixel. How is it that it can select a % of the pixel?

The Quick Mask mode gives a full representation of a selection, by overlaying a colour (red by default) in various shades to show a selection. For some example images, http://www.danamania.com/temp/ants.jpg is the normal dotted outline view of a selection, zoomed in around the legs. This shows nothing selected on the legs themselves, as some of those pixels are only partially selected.

I appreciate the insights. I finally located the quick mask option and can see for myself the problem areas.

A quick jump into Quick Mask mode (with Shift-Q or Select->Toggle Quick Mask) shows all though, and http://www.danamania.com/temp/quickmask.jpg indicates that there are some slightly red pixels on the shins, which represent areas that are only partially selected. Those are the ones that show up in Quick Mask mode, and not in the normal crawling ants view of a selection.

When in quick mask mode, you can fix this by 'drawing' a selection using the normal drawing tools such as the paintbrush. Drawing in 'black' will cause an area to become selected(red), and drawing in 'white' will cause an area to become unselected(non-red) - so while in Quick Mask mode, draw over the inside area of the legs with 'white' to unselect those partially selected pixels. You should see the red go away, and it'll look like this: http://www.danamania.com/temp/quickmaskfixed.jpg

Thanks again for the insights, I was not aware of this functionality.

Until later, Geoffrey
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