Carol Spears wrote:
On Mon, Feb 21, 2005 at 10:30:12AM +0100, Michele Petrazzo wrote:

I try to install photoshop on win and it work very well with these
images and bigger images.

how about some numbers showing that windows/photoshop work better?

On the same machine with photoshop, a preview of a "curves" tool spend only 4-5 seconds, but when press the OK button, it spend about the same
time of gimp.
I think that photoshop don't create a real preview, like gimp, but for a
user that make a lot of changes (and preview) whit a single tool, for
view if the changes are right, the photoshop solution is better.
Try to think is a user want to make 5-6 tries to find that seem better,
he must wait 50-80 seconds every time (50*5 = 250), while with photoshop
only 4-5 seconds! (5*5 = 25)


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