* Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Hi,
> Philip Stubbs <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> How do I set the default mode for the file dialog. I have to expand
>> the dialog every time I use it, and it is getting a little annoying.
> I'd like to know why you have to expand it every time you use it. If
> you can show that this is indeed needed, then we would have to do
> something about it. The collapsed parts of the dialog are supposed to
> be only rarely used.

I'm not Philip, but:
I keep original photos in a separate directory tree. After modifying
them with gimp, they're saved in a folder of my choice. Which happens to
be never the one I open image from (and which is suggested in
save-dialog), so it's wrong every single time.
It could be 'easily' remedied by showing some kind of a list with
'favourite' targets. It does have that, but it's collapsed along with
dirtree. It would be immensely more useful if some of those favourites
would be program-specific (in this case, The GIMP).

Slightly OT:
I'd very much like some kind of drag'n'drop saving that could work by
dragging image to folder on desktop. (Dragging 'Active image' preview
from toolbox could do the trick?).

   Psi -- <http://www.iki.fi/pasi.savolainen>

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